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The Shack In The Back

The Shack is a wedding or party venue, as well as one of the most popular bars in the Odessa, Midland area. With a little hard work and care from us here at OWR we were able to highlight and restore beauty back into the Shack.

The Nelson’s Project

The Hicks'

The Hicks residents was a bit outdated and in need of some TLC and that is exactly what we were able to do for them. The color scheme used throughout there home is one that was able to bring a peaceful and relaxing feel. 

20131 Grove Street

The Coots' Fence

The backyard is a place where a lot of spring, summer, and fall events happen. This was the driving force behind this particular customer giving us a call. We were able to deliver a backyard upgrade for the upcoming summer days with a beautiful stain job along with a fresh coat of paint on two wrought iron gates. This stain coating also provides exceptional protection and a longer lifespan for the fence.

The Jefferson’s Lake House
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