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The Shack In The Back

The Shack stands out as a premier wedding and party venue, and it's also among the top bars in the Odessa-Midland area. Thanks to the dedicated effort and attention from our team at OWR, we've successfully revitalized The Shack's charm. Our work encompassed both exterior and interior painting across the property, enhancing various materials like siding, sheet metal, doors, CMU, and drywall.

The Nelson’s Project

Just A Closest Storage Unit

Verturo Construction enlisted our services to help complete their 90,000-square-foot facility. Our team was instrumental in advancing the project from bare studs to completion. Our work included drywall and painting, covering both exterior elements like trellises, canopies, bollards, and doors, as well as interior features such as cabinets, walls, and trim. Additionally, we executed the staining work required for this project.

20131 Grove Street

Midway Station Apartment Complex

The Midway Station apartment complex, an impressive facility encompassing nine buildings, enlisted our services for a property makeover. Our task was to refresh the aesthetic appeal by repainting all fascia, window, and porch trims across each building. Additionally, we replaced any trim that was damaged or decayed, ensuring the entire property was in top condition.

The Jefferson’s Lake House
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